Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Iconoclast Equine Support Boots

Here at Western Legacy Sales we have decided to head down the essential road of social media in 2011. We want to be constantly in touch with our customers and any horse enthusiast that is not only looking for better leg support for their horse, but those that are simply seeking some educational tips and information from leading horse trainers, veterinarians and other horse minded people just like you. We believe in taking care of the entire team of horse and rider and hopefully we will be able to provide you with a little something to help you along from time to time with the information you find in this blog.

We will have something new every single week for you all to read. If you have any ideas or topics/questions you would like to see us tackle here please feel free to send us an email and suggest it. We will be committed to tapping into our team of professionals to see how we can help you along.

The Iconoclast Equine Support Boots were designed because we were having suspensory issues with horses that we could not find an answer for. Our boots were born out of years of frustration from dealing with set backs in our own equine partners. The first Iconoclast boot was stitched together on the kitchen table and after finally seeing the results we were looking for we are now helping equine enthusiasts all over the globe provide unparalleled support to their horses. We have customers from all disciplines of Western and English equitation and we have even been accepted to run on several Thoroughbred race tracks!

Your horses deserve the best quality support you can give them and our customers deserve a company that is dedicated to helping them get the most out of what they have to work with. This blog is going to help us do that. If you follow us on Facebook (search Iconoclast Equine Support Boots) you will be the first to know when something new appears here and you can also stay up to speed on all the news from the Iconoclast Equine Support Boots.

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Jeremy Heid
Western Legacy Sales

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